All the processes management is ensured through the application of a capillar quality system compliant with the international standard ISO 9001. All the activities are performed according to written procedures and instructions in line with national and international standards.

The monitoring of the entire cycle of each product is guaranteed by specific management softwares in order to optimize times and costs of production.


Dimac operates its high precision processes for metal removal (milling, turning, grinding) using highly technological and modern CNC machines:

–          vertical and horizontal NC milling machines (five and three axes);

–          cylindrical and tangential grinding machines for inner and outer profiles;

–          NC lathes and traditional power tools.

A CAD/CAM integrated enginnering system, VISI CAD, which interface, comunicate and convert files from the most commonly used integrated systems, further supports production.
Dimac can rely on several trustworthy suppliers both for materials (Aluminium Alloys, Kovar, Titanium, Copper Tungsten, Molybdenum) and for surface treatments in Italy and abroad. This allows us to supply and guarantee to our customers a complex product, compliant to their specific needs.

Staff expertise, both technical and administrative, is of paramount importance and has been defining over time in order to meet the specific technical needs of Dimac.


All the parts are tested using high quality tools and equipment. Their state of calibration   is constantly monitored by the application of quality instructions. The metrology lab which is in environmental controlled conditions is equipped with NC control machines (Dea Brown & Sharpe CMM Machines ) and optical machines (OGP). These machines use continuous scanning measurement technology that provides fast and accurate measurement of specific geometric shapes characterized by high complexity and strict tolerances.

Dimac measuring equipment is constantly renewed and is the best on the market.


Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 standard by an ACCREDIA certified company.