Dimac started its business in 1984 and has constantly grown over the years to meet market needs quickly and competitively improving  its ability to provide products and services of higly technological content.

Following the market demands, Dimac has changend its business focusing on the manufacturing of high-precision and high-quality mechanical parts for electronic applications in the fields of aerospace, microwave technology and defense.

Dimac mechanical parts are used in the production of integrated circuits, hybrid circuits, RF circuits and assemblies for civilian and military aircrafts, major military projects as well as spaceflight applications.

Some of the most representative works were mounted on EUROFIGHTER, TIGER , GALILEO EUROPEAN SYSTEM, SENTINEL.
Since 1990 the company has been based in Ariccia, nearby Rome, in a modern industrial building of 1000 square meters.

The company policy aims at complete customer satisfaction and supply of   products and services totally compliant with customer specifications, on time deliveries and competitive costs.

Dimac’s mission is reaching top positions in the international market and growing up as a landmark for the supply of precision machining in aerospace.